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Hawaii’s Wood Brand

The Hawaii’s Wood brand represents fine items crafted here in Hawai‘i. It is a guarantee that your purchase is unique, made from wood grown in the Hawaiian Islands.

Logo for Hawaii’s WoodItems designated as Hawaii’s Wood are unmistakably creations of Hawaii’s finest woodworkers, offering a tradition of respect, value, quality and beauty along with an intrinsic aura of Aloha. The richness of a myriad of tropical woods and the artistry of local craftsmen are expressed in the Hawaii’s Wood brand.

Hawaii’s woodworkers, although they create as individuals, have in common the rich materials they work with and the vision of excellence they share. Fine craftsmen have long been inspired by the beauty and quality of Hawaii’s Wood, shaping it into everything from sacred ceremonial vessels to musical instruments. Woodwork continues to be cherished for its aesthetic and cultural value.

Whether koa, mango, milo, kamani, Norfolk pine or another Island-grown tree, Hawaii’s Wood brings the spirit and mystery of the Islands into your home. Because of its unsurpassed beauty and enduring quality, Hawaii’s Wood never loses its value.

The Hawaii’s Wood poster is a component of the Hawaii’s Wood campaign, which fosters an appreciation of locally-grown wood and local woodworking artisans. Its release is timely since the Hawai’i State Legislature has declared 2003 to be the Year of the Hawaiian Forest.

The poster features 25 species of woods-including 10 koa samples showing a wide spectrum of color and a broad range of figure.

* 2011 Hawaii’s Woodshow Application and Details
PDF File. 264k
* Hawaii Wood Branding Application
PDF File. 36k
* Hawaii Wood Brand Order Form
PDF File. 36k
* Poster Order Form
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